studio job selettiat maison et objet 2017 in paris, seletti and studio job are bringing fast food to the fair. a hot dog and hamburger — archetypal images of american pop-culture — are transformed into actual furnishings, giving rise to the ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection. the debut of the series marks the italian brand’s introduction to the world of upholstered furniture, amalgamating studio job’s irreverent attitude and penchant for playfulness, with seletti’s accessible affordability.

the ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ expand upon seletti and studio job‘s first collaboration, which comprised a series of victorian-influenced ‘industry’ garden furniture. the latest project, presented at maison&objet, ultimately marries the pop-spirit of america, seletti’s passion for unconventional projects, and studio job’s cheeky creative approach. for the ‘fast food furniture’ collection, an open hot dog bun becomes the actual structure of a sofa and it hosts an upholstered sausage. meanwhile, the bun seat is in the shape of a hamburger, while a pickled cucumber becomes an armrest and a slice of tomato a back cushion.