Survival, inquiry, sophistication: what Douglas Adams can teach us about workplace design

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Each day you can easily find somebody or other sharing their thoughts on ‘the office of the future’ or ‘the death of the office’. My view is that you should steer clear of taking most of this sort of stuff head-on, on the basis that hardcore deckheads have heard most of it before and already concluded that there are more important things to worry about in a fit-out than what a pool table and a second-hand armchair tells us about workplace design.

Studio Job and Seletti bring fast food furniture to Maison et Objet

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at maison et objet 2017 in paris, seletti and studio job are bringing fast food to the fair. a hot dog and hamburger — archetypal images of american pop-culture — are transformed into actual furnishings, giving rise to the ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection.

Younger workers prefer the office to remote working

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According to research by Maintel, who polled 1,000 employed adults in the UK aged 18 or over, there are a couple of reasons for this. One is that the younger workforce needs the face-to-face support of experienced workers. It backs such claims up by the fact that among the older workforce (55 and above), just 19 percent prefer office life to remote work, and that 28 percent said it was challenging to find other colleagues or managers when working remotely.